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Satisfactory delivery of Plating Line and Painting line in South-East Europe
Date:2016-03-17 13:17:18


Customer:FPM Agromehanika

Supplier: Yangzhou OURS Machinery Co., Ltd.

Type: Electroplating line

Liquid spray painting line

Business: Agricultural Machinery

Process: Loading- ultrasonic degreasing -- hot water rinse - pickling - spray cleaning - pickling - spray cleaning - galvanizing --galvanizing -- Zinc Dissolution -- Recycling - spray cleaning - lightening - passivation - spray cleaning - drying ٢-drain off- unloading

Our client FPM Agromehanika is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in South-East Europe, with a tradition lasting for over 55 years.

They are very critical on equipment quality. Our workers worked overtime to gain their satisfaction on both quality and delivery time. See the advanced fully automatic electroplating line and wet painting line with water wash painting booth we just built up.

gavanic line.png

barrel plating line.png

ourscoating workers in serbia.jpg

rack plating line.jpg

water wash paint booth.jpg


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